Saturday, September 20, 2014

To support the BVQA Mission of promoting the concept of sustained success, collaborating with HKV, BVQA has developed a spectrum of proprietary training courses to support the different needs of organizations, from general management skills to management system implementation courses, and from IRCA Approved Lead Auditor Courses to training in Good Agriculture Practice.

The idea is to support different levels of staff the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the sustained success of the organization. Apart from stimulating thinking, questions and debate, BVQA training courses focus on the acquisition of fundamental principles and accurate understanding of the standard requirements. Ultimately students are loaded with ideas to support the development and continual improvement of such projects. Based on IRCA requirements, BVQA has introduced the most advanced Accelerated Learning Techniques to all of its training courses. The benefits of these techniques are obvious and scientifically proven. With multiple input channels and a stimulating environment, students learn through their natural ability. Using participative activities, learning becomes quick, easy and enjoyable.

Most popular training courses that BVQA is providing are:

    - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 and ISO 17025 IRCA Lead Auditor Training Courses with certificates issued by HKV.

    - Especially, to reduce the classroom duration by shifting the knowledge part through self study in order to save your valuable time, BVQA provides you HKV blended learning Auditor/Lead Auditor Course that TAKE YOU ONLY 3 DAYS WORKSHOP (24 hours including a 2 hour examination). This lead auditor course (LAC) has been developed in line with IRCA requirements IRCA/2245 delivered with a mix of self study materials and a 3 day workshop focusing on skills based learning objectives. In comparison with 5 day courses, the certificate of 3 day course has the same validity for IRCA lead auditor registration purpose point of view. However, the text in certificate will be slightly different, mentioning that this course complies of a self study element and a 3 day workshop.

    - Management skill/tools: 5 core tools for ISO/TS16949 (SPC, MSA, FMEA, PPAP, APQP), 5S, Lean, TPM, 6Sigma, TQM, Quality Manager etc.

 2014 02 HKV IRCA 9x approval certs colour.pdf

2014 09 ISO 9001 Int Auditor Course Approval Cert.pdf